An extravagant sculptor who chose to move here for the extraordinary light.

An old and decayed alleyway that is resurrected to become a centre of arts and photography.

A soccer player from Germany who started a café that opens at dawn

A drunk master of detective fiction who tried to kill himself in his beautiful mansion…

En Ville Publishing was born on April 6th 2010 and aims to explore cities in a new way, combining poetic prose, encounters with local residents, artistic photography and numbers.

Collection ‘37’ focuses on neighborhoods of cities in California and Japan, within a specific zip code or administrative district. The first cities to be explored by En Ville teams of writers and photographers are the San Diego/Tijuana urban region, San Francisco and Tokyo. Each book features 37 pieces on its subject’s residents, oddities, public places and local artists, accompanied by artistic photography and statistics presented in a unique design. Each comes with a smart phone application locating the 37 subjects on a map of the area. Together they invite us to follow a winding road that, step by step, encapsulates the neighborhood.

photograph by Paul Burlingame

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