Tales about downtown Tijuana

A grandiose and spectacular event was held March 21st at Tijuana’s Cecut cultural center to celebrate and present the book Tijuana 22000. No, it’s not a book about our beloved border city twenty thousand years from now but a series of short stories that show the everyday hustle, bustle, art, and culture of downtown life


‘Tijuana 22000’ reúne varias miradas al centro de la ciudad

Toma 37 segundos cruzar de un país al otro -de Estados Unidos a México-. Sin embargo, del otro lado de la línea divisoria, en Tijuana, se intensifica el caos.



New book shows best of TJ with a party To match


The photos show a Tijuana that doesn’t make it into tourist guides or gruesome news reports — street vendors, kids, fish, a coffee meister, a puppeteer, and a diva with Hepburn sunglasses


Tesoros cotidianos de Tijuana


Mediante 37 relatos y diversas instantáneas, un nuevo libro sobre Tijuana guía al lector por un recorrido a través de algunos de los tesoros ocultos en las calles del centro de esa ciudad.


Book It! – Riviera San Diego Magazine


The bilingual tome gracing our coffee table is the new Tijuana/22000 a photojournalistic study of the city’s evolving culture, available at Warwick’s in La Jolla. When narco wars sent tourists fleeing, the city entered a cultured cocoon, according to Derrik Chinn, one of the book’s photojournalists and the founder of Turista Libre.


The Daily Aztec on Tijuana / 22000


Tijuana es una de las ciudades fronterizas mas transitadas del mundo. En los últimos años ha sido víctima de la violencia y el narcotráfico. Sin embargo, esta ciudad esta viviendo un renacimiento en el cual sus cuídanos buscan mejorar su imagen.


Photo diary series adds Hillcrest to the mix

“Hillcrest / 92103” is a recently published coffee-table book that toasts the very neighborhood the community will be celebrating Aug. 12 at this year’s CityFest, which has sparked a resurgence of interest in the local publisher and his collection of books focusing on different neighborhoods in San Diego County.


Book looks at Hillcrest


We started the collection in La Jolla, and we wanted to do something very different for the next book in the series. If we had chosen Del Mar or Coronado, we would have been too easily categorized, too obvious. Hillcrest represents the crazy side of San Diego, the night life, the gay scene, the eccentricity.


New book brings Hillcrest to life


 Published by En Ville Publishing, Hillcrest 92103 focuses on the people, artists, businesses and special things that make this colorful community tick. The brainchild of publisher Olivier Dalle, Hillcrest 92103 showcases its namesake in a way that makes you proud to live in this very special neighborhood. Written by Kelly Metz-Matthews and illustrated with photographs by Thomas Graff this is not a welcome to Hillcrest…


Hillcrest captured on a coffee table


Shortly after moving from the Midwest to Hillcrest in 2010, multimedia artist Thomas Graff responded to an ad on craigslist posted by Olivier Dalle. At the time, Dalle was searching for a photographer to shoot scenes for his second self-published coffee-table book in a series profiling San Diego’s neighborhoods. Graff and Dalle hit it off and embarked on a two-year journey, along with local writer Kelly Metz-Matthews, to capture the essence of what’s arguably the county’s most colorful ’hood. Hillcrest / 92103, like Dalle’s first project…


Picturing paradise: La Jolla book zooms in on the local


Born in France, Olivier Dalle has traveled much of the world: Africa, Asia, South America. He lived in the Middle East for four years, in Washington D.C. for three.When he moved to San Diego in 2003, he was struck by how deeply people care about their individual neighborhoods here


La Jolla / 92037


An extravagant sculptor who chose to move here for the extraordinary light. A blinded, miraculous survivor of a car crash who became a successful realtor. A soccer player from Germany who moved here to start a cafe that opens at dawn. A gentle homeless lady who reads the Arts section in the New York Times. A drunk master of detective fiction who tries to kill himself in his Bird Rock mansion… 37 random stops on a winding road through La Jolla.


From La Jolla with love: Author writes about his intrigue with San Diego’s ‘main…


To Olivier Dalle, La Jolla is somewhat of a paradoxical place.”It’s a place that is so wealthy and so elegant, but it also feels like home,” Dalle said of La Jolla, which he profiles in his new book “La Jolla/92037.”


Two events will mark launch of ‘La Jolla / 92037


Author Olivier Dalle and photographer Paul Burlingame invite all La Jollans to a launch party featuring the local celebrities included in their new “La Jolla / 92037” documentary guidebook, 7-9 p.m. Oct. 14 at Warwick’s bookstore, 7812 Girard Ave. On a related note, a book signing and photo exhibit by Burlingame will take place at 5 p.m. Oct. 15 at Pannikin Café, 7458 Girard Ave.