Hillcrest (SD)
Hillcrest (SD)Hillcrest (SD)Hillcrest (SD)Hillcrest (SD)

Hillcrest (SD)


Nicknamed the “Gayborhood,” Hillcrest is arguably the trendiest and most vibrant part of San Diego. Hillcrest / 92103 showcases this one-of-a-kind neighborhood, creating a scintillating three-dimensional snapshot of Hillcrest’s feel, its character, and its local residents. It features 37 pieces on Hillcrest’s residents, oddities, public places, writers and artists, all delivered alongside uniquely presented pages of local statistics.  




Product Description

Hillcrest / 92103

Record the sights and sounds of the city at night from the rooftop perch of Chad Williamson, the “Gaygoyle.” Track the gradual decay and stunning rebirth of the neighborhood’s famous Hillcrest sign. Join the hunt for inspiring-and illegal-sidewalk art creations. Witness the exchange of vows at St. Paul’s Cathedral’s first gay blessing.

An elegant 144-page coffee-table book, Hillcrest / 92103 is complimented by a free iPhone / iPad app by the same name. The app is designed to guide you through all 37 stories as you launch your own investigation of this vivacious Southern California neighborhood.


Author: Kelly Metz-Matthews                                                Photographer: Thomas Graff

Publisher: En Ville Publishing                                                Date published: 2012

ISBN:                                                                                         Dimensions: 8 x 12 inches

144 pages