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La Jolla


La Jolla / 92037 is the first book of En Ville Publishing’s “37” series, which explores the neighborhoods of California and Japan through a lens of art and numbers. Filled with stunning pictures and thought-provoking prose, La Jolla / 92037 is a timeless, three-dimensional snapshot of La Jolla: its feel, its character, and its celebrities.

Product Description

La Jolla / 92037

Learn how many times Dr. Seuss was turned down by publishers before he released the masterpiece that launched his career. Track the series of events that led to the tragic demise of noir author Raymond Chandler. Get to know Joseph Klatt, a blind real estate agent with a miraculous history. Examine the bold creations of Nikki de St. Phalle, a French sculptor who moved to La Jolla for the extraordinary light.

La Jolla / 92037 features 37 pieces on La Jolla’s residents, oddities, public places, writers and artists, all delivered alongside uniquely presented pages of local statistics. An elegant 144-page coffee-table book, La Jolla / 92037 is complimented by a free iPhone / iPad app by the same name. The app is designed to guide you through all 37 stories as you launch your own investigation of this fascinating Southern California neighborhood.

Author: Olivier Dalle                                                    Photographer: Paul Burlingame
Publisher: En Ville Publishing                                      Date published: 2010
ISBN:                                                                           Dimensions: 8 x 12 inches   
144 pages