Parallels (Lev Tsimring)
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Parallels (Lev Tsimring)

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Parallels stems from Lev Tsimring’s ongoing photographic project “Parallels – Terra Populi.” It contains a selection of 120 black-and-white photographs arranged in 60 pairs. Every page spread features two photos of ordinary people from two very different parts of the world, but related in some way – through story, composition, mood, or facial expression. These surprising connections provide emotive, philosophical, and often humorous reflections on the universality in human conditions and cultures.

Product Description


Lev Tsimring was born in Saratov, Russia in 1959. When he was a child, his father gave him his first photographic lessons, along with his first camera, a Soviet-built Zenit. Photography remained a casual hobby until his early forties when Tsimring, by then an accomplished theoretical physicist at the University of California, San Diego, “discovered” street photography as an art form. Without abandoning his main profession, he embraced his second calling as a globetrotting street photographer. Everywhere he travels, he takes to the streets to observe and capture fleeting moments of emotion, beauty, and humor in seemingly mundane everyday life.

Parallels serves as a retrospective to Tsimring’s enduring passion, and reveals him to be among the great street art photographers of our time.


Author: Lev Tsimring                                                                     Publisher: En Ville Publishing

Date published: 2015                                                                      ISBN: 978-0983867135

Dimensions: 8.5 x 8.5 x 0.5 inches                                                144 pages