Tijuana (TJ Centro)
Tijuana (TJ Centro)Tijuana (TJ Centro)Tijuana (TJ Centro)Tijuana (TJ Centro)

Tijuana (TJ Centro)


Tijuana / 22000 (bilingual English and Spanish) exposes and celebrates the revival of one of the world’s most fascinating border cities. Filled with stunning pictures and raw, riveting prose, the third volume in En Ville Publishing’s “37” book series is an eye-opening, three-dimensional snapshot of the neighborhood: its feel, its character, and its celebrities. It features 37 pieces on Tijuana’s residents, oddities, public places, writers and artists, all delivered alongside uniquely presented pages of local statistics.



Product Description

Tijuana / 22000

Create unexpected masterpieces of recycled art with Jamie Otis “Ruizcycle.” Unearth the Prohibition-era origins of the world-famous Caesar salad and experience the flavors of Javier Plascencia’s other trendy restaurant: Mision 19. Amble down the well-worn paths of Parque Teniente Guerrero-Tijuana’s oldest park. Take a spray can to the streets during the annual Entijuanarte festival at CECUT.

An elegant 144-page coffee-table book, Tijuana / 22000 is complimented by a free iPhone / iPad app by the same name. The app is designed to guide you through all 37 stories as you launch your own investigation of this one-of-a-kind, south-of-the-border neighborhood.


Authors: Paola Alicia Gonzales, Guadalupe De La Garza                    Photographers: Jofras, Derrik Chinn

Publisher: En Ville Publishing                                                                 Date published: 2013

ISBN:                                                                                                          Dimensions: 8 x 8 inches

144 pages